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Why Seek Anti-Aging Procedures from a Clinic or Facility

Facial injections have become the primary way people deal with the natural signs of aging. They are improving at a quick rate with new products being introduced. Pricing is lower than ever because there are several different options available. Some primary care physicians (PCPs) are certified to administer injections so getting that done in the office is a possibility.

Issues at the Office

Seeking injections for lips and wrinkles at a doctor's office may be limiting the options. Typically, a doctor will be certified for one type of injection. If it is Botox, for example, only products from that manufacturer can be used at that location. That is not a problem for some patients.

Injections at an office will tend to be more expensive because only a small percentage of patients will request the procedure. The product may have to ordered as needed, which incurs a higher price for each order. The doctor will not have extensive experience in this procedure as it is only one aspect of the practice.

How Does a Clinic Differ?

There are hundreds of clinics and facilities, such as James Christian Cosmetics, that provide treatments for the skin. They specialize in anti-aging injections and offer many options. Botox is available, along with other types of injections. The setting will have the newest products available as well so patients will have a choice of treatments.

The latest type of injection utilizes a gel made of a sugar the body naturally produces. The hyaluronic acid is safer than traditional injections, which are made of toxins. Clinics will have these Volbella Facial Injections available now.

Costs will be less due to volume business and the amount of product on site. Some clinics will provide patients with the opportunity to save money by purchasing injections in larger quantities or packages. Buying ten or twenty units of Juvederm at James Christian Cosmetics, for example, will cost considerably less than paying for injections one at a time.


Regardless of where injections are administered, a consultation is required prior to any procedures. Not all people are candidates for facial injections. Before prescribing an injection, professionals will take a complete medical history, ask about any current conditions or illnesses, and review any medications being taken at the time.

It is also a time where possible side effects will be discussed so patients can make informed decisions. Mild common side effects include discomfort, swelling, and redness at the injection sites. Some patients have experienced bruising, itching, and bumps in that area. Infection is always a risk.

Complications are rare, but are also a risk. Should the substance be injected into a blood vessel, blindness, strike, permanent scarring, or vision abnormalities may occur. Ask as many questions as you want during your consultation at James Christian Cosmetics. It is essential to fully understand the risks and realistic outcomes of injections.